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Flies out of hand in Johannesburg and Pretoria ?

Let us help you rid your property permanently of flies. We have experts in fly extermination,baiting and fumigation throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria.

flies and maggots pest control
  • They invade homes, restaurants and any place with abundant food sources or refuge materials.
  • Flies are major carriers of diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Decaying organic matter such as manure heaps, faeces, or almost any exposed food material, are selected as breeding grounds.
  • The mature female housefly lays many batches of eggs with 100 to 150 eggs in each batch.
  • The fly's larvae are in fact maggots!

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Our fly pest control experts travel anywhere in Gauteng, from Johannesburg to Pretoria, East Rand and West Rand.

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